Please find quick answers to common questions below.  As we continue to engage with the community, this page will be updated with additional information.  Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or comments at

Who is Active Communities Alberta?

We are a non-profit organization that is comprised entirely of volunteers.  Our focus is on building strong and healthy communities through the provision of recreation and community facilities.

What is the Outdoor Recreation & Community Hub in St. Albert?

This facility will feature twin recreation pads that are covered with a roof.  The pads will be refrigerated during the winter for ice sports and used as dry pads for summer sports, such as pickleball, lacrosse, basketball, etc.  The ice will be available approximately 6 months of the year and the dry concrete pad for the remaining months.  Active Communities is responsible for building, operating, and maintaining the facility.

Where will the St. Albert facility be located?

It will be located in the core of the city, along Sir Winston Churchill Avenue and behind the new Paul Kane High School.  Active Communities has entered into a 35-year land agreement with St. Albert Public Schools to have the facility built on land they own.  In exchange, the school district will have access to the facility during school hours and the public will have access during evenings and weekends.

Why is it not located elsewhere in St. Albert?

In collaboration with City of St. Albert staff, we did an assessment of various sites throughout the city.  Through this process it was determined that there was no City-owned land that was feasible for the facility.  As a result, Active Communities sought other land owners and St. Albert Public Schools stepped up to collaborate on this project.  The location has the highest concentration of schools in the City and these are home to over 2,500 students who will benefit immensely from the facility.

What about traffic and parking?


The Outdoor Recreation & Community Hub will be accessed from Sir Winston Churchill Avenue, which is a 4-lane arterial road.  Usage by the general public will be during evenings and weekends and therefore existing school parking can be utilized.  The primary parking will be at a parking lot that is between Outreach High School and St. Albert Public Schools District Office.  This parking lot was built in the summer of 2021.

What about funding?

Active Communities is pursuing funding from all three levels of government and the community at large.  We have raised significant funding towards this project, including $3.5 million from the Provincial Government.


How can I provide feedback?

Active Communities welcomes feedback from the community regarding this project.  We have engaged with the community for over a year and will be hosting open houses in the near future.  Please check our website frequently for more information.

It is important that we hear from members of the community and other stakeholders and we look forward to hearing this feedback.  Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or comments at