St. Albert Outdoor Recreation & Community Hub Location

Active Communities Alberta is excited to announce that a site for the "Hub" has been determined.  An agreement in principle with the St. Albert Public School district has been reached to locate it adjacent to the new Paul Kane High School.

Updated Design for Outdoor Recreation & Community Hub

Through collaboration with our architect, we have updated the facility design and renderings.  They even show the Zamboni resurfacing the ice!  Have a look and let us know what you think:

Exploring Locations

Active Communities Alberta is in discussions with the St. Albert Public School District about locating the facility on land they own.  This would provide substantial benefit for thousands of students.  We thank the school district for its support and look forward to continued collaboration.

St. Albert Gazette Article

St. Albert Provides Letter of Support

Active Communities appreciates City Council voting to provide a letter of support for the Outdoor Recreation & Community Hub.

St. Albert Gazette Article:

St. Albert to Write Letter of Support for ACA Outdoor Recreation Facility


St. Albert Outdoor Recreation & Community Hub

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