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Outdoor Recreation Facility Proposal

Active Communities Alberta is in discussions with the City of Edmonton regarding an Outdoor Recreation Facility project.  The facility is proposed to be build adjacent to the planned Lewis Farms Recreation Centre.

Active Communities Alberta - Sport & Community Campus - Design Drawings

Updated design drawings for the Sport & Community Campus.  Amenities include:

  • 2 Gymnasiums (expandable to 6 full-sized courts)
  • 2 Indoor Ice Arenas (expandable to 4 arenas)
  • Swimming Pool/Aquatics Facility
  • Fitness Centre
  • Running Track
  • Daycare
  • Indoor Playground
  • Meeting Room/Office Space for Community Organizations
  • 2nd floor Restaurant
  • Retail Space

We are in the process of evaluating potential locations for the construction of this facility.

We will continue to obtain input from the public and user groups to ensure that this is the most well designed facility in the Province.  Please feel free to email any input on the facility design to info@activecommunitiesAB.ca.


630 Ched Radio Interview with Active Communities Alberta President

On September 10, Reid Wilkins interviewed Matt Bachewich for an update on the project in advance of Active Communities Alberta's presentation to an Edmonton City Council Committee:

Edmonton Journal Article on NW Sports & Wellness Campus

Article written by David Staples that highlights the need for the campus we are planning and the vision of the facility.

There is sufficient land at the proposed site for our Sport & Wellness Campus, a full-sized indoor soccer facility and future expansion.

How safe are our old arenas?  We have documented Alberta arena roof collapses in Calgary, Sylvan Lake, Three Hills, Drayton Valley and Fort Chipewyan.   Postmedia has prepared a video here:

There is definitely a need for new arenas.  In this CBC article, the City of Edmonton states that, even if  6-arena Northlands Coliseum deal had gone through, there would still have been a need for more arenas:

Interview on the Jason Gregor Show (TSN 1260)

Discussion of aging arenas in Edmonton and Active Communities Alberta's planned Sport & Wellness Campus.

City of Edmonton Arena Strategy (as approved by City Council) has identified 6 arenas for closure. The report recommended closure by 2019, however the timeline has not yet been determined. Active Communities is raising awareness of this issue. We are encouraging proactive planning for eventual replacement of aging arenas and the addition of new arenas to meet population growth.

City of Edmonton Arenas - Year of Opening

630 Ched Radio Interview with Active Communities Alberta President

On March 2, Reid Wilkins interviewed Matt Bachewich regarding the aging state of recreation infrastructure in the province and ACA's plans to help address this issue:

City of Edmonton Plans to close 6 indoor ice arenas

According to the Edmonton Arena Strategy, Westwood, Oliver, Crestwood, Coronation, Tipton and Southside Areans will be closed by 2019.  However, the City of Edmonton has also communicated that these facilities will remain open for the foreseeable future, so the closure timeline is uncertain.

The Sport & Wellness Campus we are planning would feature 4 indoor ice arenas and help fill the void created by the eventual closure of these arenas and would also address pressures from population growth.

Page 58 of the 10 Year Edmonton Arena Strategy summarizes the arenas planned for closure.

Here is an Edmonton Journal article about growth in arena demand and the pending closures.

Town Hall Event a Success

Thank you to all who attended the Town Hall meeting on October 5.  There was a great turnout and valuable insight from citizens and user groups.  The Global Edmonton News coverage of this event is nearing 11,000 views:

Global TV Coverage

Active Communities Alberta

Active Communities Alberta is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to promote active living and healthy communities in Alberta.  We are committed to providing recreation facilities and programming for a variety of sports and community activities.

Active Communities Alberta is led by a volunteer Board of Directors who offer a wealth of experience in youth sports delivery and community building.  Our Directors have extensive volunteer experience, including leadership positions with several local youth sports organizations, the Boys and Girls Club, the Rotary Club and other community minded organizations.

It is the mission of Active Communities Alberta to increase participation in recreation and leisure activities by those of all ages.  We accomplish this by increasing the supply of recreation facilities and operating these in a manner that enables participation by removing financial and other barriers.  In doing so, Active Communities Alberta also commits to reducing the financial burden placed on municipalities by absorbing operating costs that would normally be fully borne by taxpayers.  We have also dedicated ourselves to being strong environmental stewards by utilizing the latest in green technology in the facilities we build and operate.

Active Communities Alberta is committed to a win for all stakeholders, from those that are looking for additional recreation facilities and programming, to those that expect less reliance on taxpayer dollars to fund them, to those that support a proactive approach to encouraging a healthier and more active society.



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